Reflective Journals

Included in this section are critical reflective journals and scholarly papers on various teaching and learning topics.  They are my personal views with support from literature. These reflections are part of the requirements of the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program and they are organized chronologically from most recent to least and also further organized by course.  Enjoy!

PIDP 3210 Reflections (May-June 2017)

  1. Reflection #1: Making the Hidden Curriculum more Overt
  2. Reflection #2: Education is Life Itself

PIDP 3260 Reflections (March-May 2017)

1) Reflection #1:  Teaching is a Messy Business

2) Reflection #2: Overcoming Barriers to Understand how Students Experience Learning

3) Reflection #3:  Development of Strengths Reflection #3

PIDP 3250 Reflections (2016):

1) Reflection #1:  Turning on the Engine to Motivation

2) Reflection #2:  Meaningful Learning Begins with Relationship

3) Reflection #3: Engaging the Introvert

PIDP 3100 Trends and Roles Assignment (2014):

1) Trends of Cultural Diversity in Higher Education

2) Multidimensional Teaching Approach to Honouring Cultural Diversity

3) Reflection on Web Conference: Living our Values through Collaboration

PIDP 3100 Reflections on Teaching and Learning Quotes (2014):

1) Self-Assessment Journal

2) The Flipped Classroom Journal

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