I have been a Nursing (RN) Instructor for the past ten years.  I love my job; it is fun and exciting and constantly evolving me as a teacher, nurse and person.  I am however striving to realize my potential as an instructor; to inspire and effectively facilitate learning with my students.

When I began teaching in the RN program it was sink or swim and I swam my hardest to be a decent teacher.  I was an experienced nurse having worked in a multitude of roles as an Registered Nurse (including: Emergency and Cardiac Research).   I knew my role as a nurse well.  The question was did I know how to teach people how to become nurses?  Sure I loved nursing and teaching but could I put the two together?  I learned how to teach through trial and error, peer mentorships, peer and student feedback and personal critical reflection (when I had the time to engage in these activities).  I have picked up teaching strategies here and there but I have never really been taught how to be a nursing instructor.  While I have grown a lot in my role as an instructor, I feel the need now to take a pause and re-evaluate.  I find myself asking the questions:  Why do I teach the way I do?  Can I create a more meaningful experience for both the learner and myself?   How can I teach from a place that is congruent with who I am as a person?  I am enrolled in the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program at Vancouver Community College in hopes to answer these questions to develop myself as an instructor and as an individual.

I am a mother of two beautiful children, Colten, 7 years old and Madeleine, 5 years old.  They keep me busy, humble and challenge me to be a better person.  I have a wonderful and devoted husband that keeps me grounded, who has taken on the incredible feat of doing a Masters in Conflict Management as he works full time as a College instructor.  My family is my passion and total priority.  My favourite things to do are experience nature with my family, run and read.  I also have a deep passion for how the mind works and how we can use this and spirit to promote holistic health.   I finished my training to be a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist over a year ago and started my own business, Transformative Self.  When I am not teaching and with my family, I can be found doing this inspiring and meaningful work helping and empowering clients.

Andrea Head shot


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  1. shelley berezon says:

    You are an inspiration


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