Now & in Five Years

For this week’s blog post I was asked to reflect on where I am professionally and where I would like to be in five years? Including the steps that will get me there.

A friend recently told me that her and her husband sit down every year and make professional goals. I smiled to myself thinking that perhaps this was what Type A couples do, and my husband and I are more layed back, fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants kind of people. Since that conversation I have been thinking what a good idea formal goal setting is. Why shouldn’t a person have goals, both professional and personal? It gives a direction to life. Well the time is upon me to reflect on this.


Right now I am four courses into my Provincial Instructor Diploma. I am becoming more clear on my philosophy of teaching, and I am learning to teach from a more authentic stance. I find myself weaving in concepts and new strategies that I have learned in my courses. I find myself becoming more reflective of my teaching and growing through the process. I find I am a better teacher as a result but I question if perhaps I am just gaining more confidence in my role as a teacher. I believe it is both in fact.

In five years…

In five years I plan to implement more of what I am learning in my PIDP courses into my teaching. I want to be more mindful and intentional about this. I will take the time to review my notes from previous courses and compile a master document that summarizes various critical aspects of teaching and learning that I have learned so far. Each course to date I have created an unedited summary of interesting things or ideas I want to try. I’d like to take this list and fine tune it so it is more user friendly so that I have one document that I can utilize readily.

This past Fall I taught a class in the Nursing program that resonates deeply with my core personal and professional values. I feel very passionately about it as I believe it is meaningful to the nursing profession. This course is part of a stream of courses in the Nursing program (there is one in first year, one in second year and one in third year of the program). I plan to teach this course one or two more times, to further polish and implement an array of teaching strategies I have learned. After that time period I plan to teach this stream of courses in second and third year. Teaching through the years will help me thread through the concepts from each course and have a firmer grasp on the concepts that are being taught so that I can weave them into my other courses (especially my nursing practice courses). These particular stream of courses are often on the chopping block for curriculum revisions. I would like to be a part of that team as I gain more experience in the Curriculum and Design PIDP course. I would also like to gain more evaluative data on the courses and evidence based research to keep these courses in our program.

Years ago I had planned to attend the conference in New York, What the Best College Teachers Do, but my plans fell through. I would like to attend this course as I have heard great things about it. Lastly I would also like to develop my creativity in art and dance further as I believe creativity transfers to my work as a teacher. I believe creativity is an essential ingredient to teaching.

About turnera2014

I am a Nursing (RN) Instructor taking the Professional Instructor Diploma Program at Vancouver Community College in hopes to challenge my current teaching modalities and inspire me to be the best teacher I can be.
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