Think-Pair-Share: Simple yet Effective

I love the think-pair-share strategy for various reasons. I like that it allows for maximum participation of all students, it is time efficient and it is engaging. The thing that I really enjoyed about this digital project is that I had never thought about using a template for the think-pair-share activity. I usually get students to summarize it on a piece of paper but some of the templates allowed for even more development of critical thinking skills. I will definitely use the template that has the student formulate their answer, then write the answers of others then revisit their answer again. This allows the space for rich learning to occur where changes and growth of their thinking is demonstrated.

Check out this video by Andrea MacKenzie, a PIDP 3250 student who nicely outlines how to use think-pair-share in a diversity of ways.

About turnera2014

I am a Nursing (RN) Instructor taking the Professional Instructor Diploma Program at Vancouver Community College in hopes to challenge my current teaching modalities and inspire me to be the best teacher I can be.
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