Chunk and Chew: A better way for your students to digest learning material

I like the chunk and chew because it highlights the importance of giving students time to process, synthesize, and evaluate the information they are learning. This in turn promotes deeper integration of learning. It also allows for students to work through the information to ensure that the understanding is integrated in an accurate way. If there are any points of confusion or integral incidental learning that can occur this allows the space for it. I just read a statistic in an online article

The average adult attention span has plummeted from 12 minutes a decade ago to 5 minutes. In our fast speed technology-driven society, we as teachers must work within the confines of our learners’ minds. The chunk part (at the 10 minute mark) does go beyond this attention span but perhaps if the learner anticipates that they will be asked to be accountable for the ‘chew’ portion then perhaps this will extend the attention span of our learners? One can only hope!

I think it is important that the chunk part be stimulating as well with the use of mixed media, visual material, videos, storytelling, etc.

Check out this wonderful image created by a PIDP 3250 student, Melissa.Chunk and Chew image

To see more of Melissa’s blog click here.

About turnera2014

I am a Nursing (RN) Instructor taking the Professional Instructor Diploma Program at Vancouver Community College in hopes to challenge my current teaching modalities and inspire me to be the best teacher I can be.
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