Implementation of the Flipped Classroom in the Nursing Context

After being part of the discussion board about flipped classroom one of the posts by my classmate really made me think about effective and engaging ways to use the flipped classroom while embracing self-directed/self-regulated learning. Rather than doing the traditional classroom model of pedagogy, using instead an engaging way to make a topic relevant to the students in their life and in the profession of nursing. This also helps to encourage self-directed, self-regulated learning. It also utilizes an engaging way of learning through media something students can relate to therefore should engage them.

Topic of the class: Active Listening

I would give a general overview at end of class of the preparation format for next class including reading Part One.

Part One: Notice and Reflect

For at least a day notice how you listen to others and how people listen to you…

Write down your reflections on this.

Part Two: Watch these videos and Answer the Questions

There are a plethora of TED talks on listening and the following is just one of them that was well done.

A) View video #1 and answer the following questions:

A Case for Active Listening: Jason Chare at TEDxTokyoTeachers

After viewing this video answer these questions:

1. What are your thoughts on active listening?

2.  Is this something that you do? Please explain.

3.  Is this something that you find others do? Please explain.

B) View video #2

And answer:

1) What do you see as the fundamental elements of active listening?

C) View video #3

  1. What did you think about this video on active listening
  2. How effective was the active listening?
  3. What elements of active listening were used?
  4. What part of this would you incorporate/not incorporate into your own active listening?

Part Three: Application & Reflection

Now utilize the principles of active listening.

1) What were the outcomes of this new way of listening?

2) What surprised you?

3) What was easy or hard about this?

Part Four: Putting it all Together

1) What more do you want to know about active learning?

2) Bring a high order level question to class to share with your classmate.

The first part of the class would be reviewing some of their answers. I might ask them to hand in their answers as a ‘pass’ into class. Or I might gather their answers and review them and select certain questions. Or I pose to the group which questions they’d like to discuss or which questions they had trouble with. Or choose from a hat.

PBL: In small groups I would have students pair up and choose one question that the group would like to answer. The students then work together to answer the question by determining and utilizing resources. The answers and resources utilized are written down. Students are given a set amount of time and if they feel that they have completed the question thoroughly they can move onto a second question. The students could then present the answers to the class. The teacher elaborating or clarifying points as needed.  Students that are listening are encouraged to take notes.  Making it clear there will be a quiz on this afterwards that will be handed in.

Alternatively the students could pass their work onto another group who would then elaborate on that answer and each question could go to each class or it just gets passed once (if time is of the essence).

An alternate way to flip the classroom and deal with overwhelming pre-readings:

For a lot of my nursing courses there are a lot of pre-readings and students often do one or two of them or none. As a means to cut down on the number of readings that can be overwhelming for students, I can assign different groups to do readings and answer key questions. For the first 5 minutes of class each group of a particular reading meet and create an engaging way (i.e. visual or role playing, etc.) to present the information. After each group has presented, then everyone is given a short quiz on the main points of each of the readings to ensure everyone understands the key concepts.


About turnera2014

I am a Nursing (RN) Instructor taking the Professional Instructor Diploma Program at Vancouver Community College in hopes to challenge my current teaching modalities and inspire me to be the best teacher I can be.
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